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In 1996, struck by a graphic resemblance between two photos in his
archives, Arnaud Lesage decided to try and create the same image
anywhere in the world, using the same pretext: the appearance of a
vertical form. But instead of the conformity that could reasonably be
expected from this unusual project, there is discordance among the
images that is revealed in specific compositions of the photographs.

Using a similar principle based on form, Yves Pagès develops the fragments
of an autobiographical manual around the central theme of a burnt out
match, to “come back to the same”, or almost.

This encounter between images and text is presented in an atypical book
which, as an object, borrows the codes of both the matchbox and the
road map. The reader can open it out fully, choosing which parts remain
visible and which remain hidden, and its double-sided accordion form
means it can be read over and again—“a way of endlessly coming back
to the same.”

A book by Gang Publishing (Editions Gang), Ivry-sur-Seine (France), 2013

Text : "A few ways of coming back to the same", by Yves Pagès
Graphi design : Philippe Bretelle
Supervision and photogravure : Eric Guglielmi
Translation : Niamh O'Brien / Rhonda Campbell

Accordion book (length when completely unfolded: 576 cm)
double-sided offset on 130g/m2 paper.
96 pages/32 photographic quadriptychs
Closed : 13 x 32.5 cm / 5.12  X 12.6 inches / Opened : 32,5 X 576 cm / 5.12 X 226.8 inches

Weight : 400g / 0.88 lb

ISBN 978-2-918376-15-6 (please note that the number 978-2-918376-09-05 printed on the book is wrong)
Screen printed cover, cardboard box.
Spot colour paper, glued closed.
Date published: 15 April 2013
Price: €40 (including postage in France). For orders from other countries, please add 10 euros for postage.

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